How to Sell a House that Needs Major Repairs: Tips for Getting Your Home in Saleable Condition

Selling a house that needs major repairs can seem daunting, but with the right tips and advice it can be done. It is important to remember that just because your home needs repairs doesn’t mean you can’t sell it.

In fact, many buyers are willing to purchase a home that needs some work as long as they know what they are getting into. In this blog post we will discuss some tips for getting your home in saleable condition so that you can get it sold quickly and for the best price possible!

What Does “As Is” Mean When it Comes to Selling a House?

One of the most important things to remember when selling a home as-is is that you need to be honest with potential buyers about the condition of the property. This means disclosing any and all major repairs that need to be made. Buyers will appreciate your honesty and it will give them a better idea of what they are getting into if they decide to purchase your home.

Make a Fair Market Value for Your House

Another important thing to remember when selling a home as-is is that you need to be realistic about the price. Because your home will need repairs, it is unlikely that you will be able to get full market value for it. However, if you price your home correctly, you should still be able to sell it quickly.

As-Is vs Repairs: Which is the Best Option for You?

It’s almost expected that home sellers would attempt to complete a slew of major repairs before putting their property on the market. That’s why it’s so tough for individuals to conceive of simply selling their property without having to put in substantial time and effort.

It’s crucial to note that selling as is may not be suitable for everyone, but there are times when it’s worth it. If you find yourself in any of the situations below, consider whether selling as-is might be a viable option for you:

You Need to Move in a Hurry

It would be nice if everyone could take their time selling their home, but sometimes life forces you to move fast. A new job or a sick loved one might force you to change locations quickly.

Those who need to sell their homes as quickly as possible would profit from selling “as is.” You won’t have to stress about putting more time and money into a house you plan to sell.

Is it possible to sell a house that needs significant repairs? You can, in fact. In some as-is instances, you may be able to get someone to buy your house as-is and have a cash offer on the table. This can help you move things along a lot more quickly.

Your Home Needs a Lot of Work

There are some minor repairs that might be worth doing if you want to put your house on the market. A new coat of paint, new carpeting, or even a few new appliances or equipment might go a long way toward improving the appeal of your property to purchasers.

However, what if you’re faced with a situation in which you can’t perform “minor” repairs?

Your roof has shingles missing and is leaking, yet you don’t have the cash to repair or replace it. You’ve discovered fissures in the foundation, and your old wiring is starting to break down.

Sometimes it’s simply not worth the effort to fix something on your property in order to sell it. When you’re looking to acquire a new house, if you don’t have the cash to spend tens of thousands on home repair projects, it’s tough to find one.

Rather than focusing on new fixes, put your property up for sale as-is and leave the maintenance to the buyer.

Your House Is Not Worth as Much as You Think It Is

Real estate markets are fickle. You may never know when home values will drop or when your area will become the most popular relocation destination in your region.

We recommend that everyone who is thinking of selling their houses hires an expert to perform an appraisal first. There’s a lot of research you can do on your own to figure out what the right price to sell your property at, but nothing compares to the assistance of a real expert. You may determine how much your house is worth once you know what it’s worth.

If you discover that the value of your home is lower than you had anticipated, selling as-is may be beneficial to you. When you consider resale value, any major repairs you make might be too costly.

You’re Worrying About Money

It’s worth noting that homes that sell as-is are not usually valued as much as ones that get renovated. Many as-is properties are sold to people who want fixer-uppers or may even choose to demolish and rebuild. When buyers already have plans to invest money into a property, you can’t expect them to pay much for it.

However, it’s vital to remember that individuals who are primarily focused on money should consider offering their property as is. House repairs can be expensive, as we’ve already stated. Even something as easy as repainting your walls will set you back a considerable amount of cash.

If you don’t have the funds to make repairs, as-is may be your best and most cost-effective choice.

Selling a House That Needs Repairs: Our Top 4 Tips

Let’s go over how to make selling as-is as simple as possible now that you know what it entails and whether you’re a good fit for it.

It might be simpler to sell a house that needs repairs than to plan home repairs and renovations, but it will still take some time and money. Keep in mind that the ultimate aim isn’t simply to save time and money; it’s also to find the perfect buyer.

If you’re serious about marketing your property as-is, follow these ideas to learn how to sell a home that needs renovations.

1. Obtain an Inspection

Whether you’re selling as-is or renovating before you sell, a home inspection should be included in the selling process. If you wish to sell your property as is, get a home inspector involved as soon as possible.

You might have a good idea of what needs to be fixed, but a thorough inspection can provide you with a wealth of information on any issues your property may have.

It’s critical to remember that informing potential buyers about problems in your home is not only polite, it’s also obligatory by law. Penalties and difficulties change from state to state, but if you sell your property without disclosing issues, you might find yourself in significant legal difficulty. An official inspection might help you be sure that you’re in compliance with the law.

2. Have an Insight into Your Buyer Type

You’re now familiar with the state of your home, so turn your attention to who you can sell and market to.. If you want to sell your home as-is, you have three possible buyers:

House Flippers

Flippers are people who want to make significant renovations and repairs on a property in order to sell it for a profit.They’re searching for a good bargain since they’ll be investing a significant amount of money into your house and want to recoup their investment.

Deal Hunters

They’re interested in moving to your neighborhood, the region, or perhaps enrolling their kids at your school. Unfortunately, the majority of the homes they’re seeing are out of their price range. They want a low-cost house that they can make improvements to.

Sellers who are seeking for a quick cash solution and don’t want to deal with the stress of house renovation would be ideal for this sort of buyer.


These buyers are a mix between deal hunters and the house flippers. They certainly have the cash to purchase a house, but they’re waiting for the right one to come along.

If you’re selling a home that needs more than a few simple repairs, this buyer might be the one for you. They’re buyers who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, and they could be prepared to pay a premium for a property or location they enjoy.

3. Set the Correct Price

You know a lot about your house and even have a sense of the sort of customer you want to attract. Now is the time to start discussing pricing.

Try to discover what comparable as-is homes are selling for in the region by doing a little research. Consider comparing properties on the basis of their number of rooms and square feet. Also, check out real estate sites on certain properties to see how listing prices have changed on the same property.

This is also an excellent opportunity to enlist the help of a real estate agent. They’ll know the area’s real estate market inside and out, and they’ll be able to assist you in determining a fair price for your property.

4. Choose the Repairs Worth Doing

Do you have an interested buyer who is yet undecided about purchasing your property? If you can’t negotiate a lower price, try appealing to them with other incentives.

Consider minor repairs that may help the house. The cost of replacing carpets and painting rooms is relatively low, and they provide a significant return on investment. Replace your door hinges, trim the yard a little, or even offer to spruce up the bathroom with fresh caulk.

If you can’t fix something, consider what you might do to make things simpler for them. Before you leave the house, offer to rip up carpets or remove old appliances. 

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